Annual eye exams are recommended as a part of preventative health care. Individuals can be unaware of problems because there are often no obvious signs or symptoms. It is important to detect and treat vision problems early in ord

Eyewear should be functional and fashionable. All of our frames are chosen for their cutting edge style with your prescription in mind. Each frame is hand selected for its workmanship, optical stability and aesthetic beauty

We do not offer a 1 hour service.  Giving you the best quality vision and visual comfort is crucial and this takes longer than a mere 60 minutes.  We only use optical laboratories that offer world-class technology

We will provide you with a comprehensive contact lens exam and fit you with contact lenses for the best vision and comfort. The following types of Contact Lenses are available to you: Monthly Disposables Daily Disposable

Sports vision is the study of the role of vision in the dynamic sporting environment, the assessment of an athletes visual skills and the application of techniques, procedures or products that will correct, protect and enhanc

    Why is vision therapy important? Among school-age children, vision disorders affect one in every four children.  Sometimes children that have visual problems are incorrectly labeled as learning disabled, dyslexic, or

What is a learning disability? A learning disability is a disorder in understanding or using spoken or written language. Individuals with learning disabilities have average to above average intelligence, but experience pro

  Nutrition and the eye As our knowledge of disease prevention and advances in medical research and technology grows, so does our life expectancy. Longer lifespan results in an increase
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