We do not offer a 1 hour service.  Giving you the best quality vision and visual comfort is crucial and this takes longer than a mere 60 minutes.  We only use optical laboratories that offer world-class technology and service,  therefore you may have to wait 3-14 days for your new spectacles,  but we believe that the time spent is worth it.

Progressive Lenses (Multifocals / varifocals)

Distance, intermediate and reading prescriptions in one pair of glasses for all your vision needs. The technology behind these lenses has evolved to precision so virtually anyone can now comfortably wear their progressives all day with absolute natural ease.

    • No unsightly lens lines

    • Smooth, continuous clear vision at all distances

    • See better and look younger

    • Most natural, comfortable vision

    • Ideal for first time and present lined bifocal eyeglass wearers

Computer lenses: These new technology lenses are designed for your eyes to relax at the computer,  to give you comfort and vision for close and intermediate distances. While these lenses are primarily designed for computer use, they work great for anyone requiring clear intermediate and near vision, such as musicians, architects, accountants, surgeons, and many others.

 HI-Index Lenses

    • Thinner & lighter than regular plastic lenses

    • Reduces ?thick lens? appearance

    • More flattering to your look & image

    • Allows for wider frame choices

    • Lightweight comfort

    • Ideal for strong ?Near-Sighted? prescriptions

Aspheric Lenses

    • Flatter & lighter than regular plastic lenses

    • Minimizes magnification of eyes

    • Reduces peripheral distortions

    • More flattering to your look & image

    • Lightweight comfort

    • Ideal for both strong ?Far-Sighted? & ?Near-Sighted? prescriptions

Polycarbonate Lenses

    • Most impact & shatter resistant lens available

    • Ten times stronger than regular plastic lenses

    • Lightweight & thin comfort

    • Much safer for children?s spectacles

    • Protects against damaging UV rays

    • Ideal for sports participants

Polarized Lenses

    • Filters out glare from light reflecting off water, snow, cars & other surfaces

    • UV protection

    • Increases depth perception & improves vision

    • Prevents blind spots caused by glare

    • Colors appear more vibrant & true

    • Protects against damaging UV rays

    • Ideal for daytime drivers, boaters & water sports

    • Delays wrinkle formation from squinting into the sun

Reflection-free coating: (also know as anti-glare) In simple terms the coating is actually multiple layers of filters on the front and back surface of lenses that allow all of the light to pass through the lens instead of bouncing back out as reflection. They are durable, easy to clean, and resist surface static. The most important feature is that the filter increases the amount of light that passes through the lens so you see better, clearer and sharper than before. Anti-reflective coatings make your lenses look almost invisible.

Far fewer scratches:    High quality coatings,  as offered by our suppliers,  offer a high level of scratch resistance -  Less cleaning implies lower risk of scratching

Transitions Lenses

    • Self-adjusting tint that lightens & darkens in all light conditions

    • Scratch resistant

    • See more comfortably in all light conditions

    • Reduces eye strain & squinting from indoor/outdoor light & computer screens

    •  Improve contrast

    • Increased lens durability

    • Protects against damaging UV rays

    • Even clearer with an anti-reflective coating

    • Fast to activate

    • Fast to fade back

How to care for my glasses

 Proper lens and frame care ensures clear vision and comfortable wear. Good habits include proper handling, periodic maintenance, adequate cleaning and regular visits to the optometrist.

At Venessa Niemand Optometrist, we pride ourselves in offering continuous after-care services for the life-time of our products. Frame adjustments, repairs and spare-part replacements are done on-site where possible.  Accidents happen - we gladly re-align and clean spectacles free of charge.


With gentle handling, your glasses will last longer and feel more comfortable.  To avoid twisting the frame out of shape, use both hands to put on your glasses.  Grasp the ear pieces (arms or temples) in the middle with equal pressure and push the glasses over your ears.  To remove them, use the same grip and carefully slide the frames forward over your ears and off your face.  This method puts the least amount of stress on your frame and prevents misalignment.

Close your frames before placing them on any surface, and never lay them lens-side down.  To prevent accidental scratching, store your glasses in a case whenever they are not being worn.  Never put them in a purse or bag without proper protection.   Do not carry your spectacles and keys in the same hand.

Do not wear your glasses on top of your head when you do not need them to see.  This may misalign the frames.

Frames will last longer with proper maintenance. Check for loose screws and temple misalignment periodically.

Avoid exposing your spectacles to personal care products. Hairspray, perfume and other products can damage lens coatings, and cosmetics will dirty the lenses.

Your spectacles will inevitably bend out of shape over time.  To maintain proper fit, have your spectacles adjusted by your optometrist regularly.  How much you wear them, how active you are, and other personal variables will determine how frequently you need to have them adjusted.  Ill-fitting spectacles can strain your eyes and interfere with vision correction.  It is recommended that you do not try to bend your frames back into shape yourself.

Keep your spectacles clean.  This ensures that you benefit fully from the corrective power of the prescription, and helps prevent scratching the lenses.

First,  run your lenses under warm running water.  Then dip them in soapy water and rub them gently with your fingers.  Rinse them to wash away dirt and oil.  A gentle dishwashing liquid makes a good cleanser.  There are also special lens cleaners that can be sprayed on the lens (although some may damage lens coatings).  Avoid using household cleaners, disinfectants, acetone or soaps with cream.

Wipe the lenses with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use paper towels, silicone tissues, facial tissues, or old rags that may have embedded dirt.  These materials may scratch your lenses.  We supply a high quality micro-fibre cleaning cloth with every pair of spectacle lenses.  These efficient cloths are machine washable and very gentle on your lenses.

The same techniques apply toward cleaning the frames.  The temples, in particular, need to be cleaned often because they are handled the most.  Repeated contact with the skin causes oil to accumulate and can degrade the frame finish.

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